Academics at Grove City College

Entrepreneurship majors develop versatile, foundational skills including accounting, finance, marketing, technology, strategy, and creative problem-solving abilities. They are also exposed to the legal and regulatory environment. This career preparation is integrative and builds on the liberal arts curriculum of the College.

Students learn how to ask the right questions, analyze problems through the lens of opportunity, leverage new technologies for creating and sharing knowledge, and integrate Christian faith into entrepreneurial endeavors.

There is a strong, immersive experiential element to our program, placing students in the shoes of the entrepreneur through a variety of exercises, case studies, team projects and prototyping. Students also compete in campus-wide business plan, elevator pitch, and creativity contests.

We provide numerous opportunities for students to network and personally connect with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, technologists, attorneys and other professionals who assist in the entrepreneurial process. Finally, we combine forces with those beyond the campus for required student internships and engaging overseas study trips to broaden the entrepreneurial perspective.

The Grove City College Entrepreneurship major offers eighteen specialized courses with nine required. Course offerings within the major address entrepreneurship and innovation within commercial entities such as family businesses, technology startups, or large corporations. Other courses focus on the unique entrepreneurial opportunities among non-profit and social enterprises, including the ability to foster self-supporting services.