Technology Concentration

ENTR 102: Technologies for the Entrepreneur
An introduction to technology of the entrepreneur with an emphasis on applications
of computer technology in entrepreneurship. Technologies surveyed are applied by
means of individual and group projects integrated within ENTR 101.

ENTR 309: E-Commerce

Have an idea for an Internet business, ministry, or organization? Need some help understanding the e-commerce, including e-commerce strategy, target market analysis, search engine optimization, integrated marketing, web usability, payment processing, security, current technologies, data management and fulfillment systems. 3-credit, Fall, M 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

ENTR 409: Internet Entrepreneurship

Want to learn the principles and essential components for launching a successful Internet entrepreneurial endeavor? Course topics include: key entrepreneurial models, business concept development, opportunity analysis, advanced search marketing techniques, understanding user behavior, and creating a viable Internet model for Digital Entrepreneurial endeavors. 3-credit, Spring, M 6:30 – 9:00

ENTR 318: High-technology Ventures

We are looking for a few great students to join a cross-campus team; work with a client company on an actual product development project! Team taught by entrepreneurship, computer science, and electrical engineering students work with a client company to design, develop and bring to market a technology-based product. 3-credit, Spring, T 6:30 – 9:00 LIMITED ENROLLMENT;INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION See Dr. Dupree-HAL 318H; Dr. Bright-HH 110; Dr. Birmingham-HH107

Social Enterprise Concentration

ENTR 307: Social Entrepreneurship

How might one “do good while doing well?” Non-profit entrepreneurship is exploding. Do you have a ministry idea, a social endeavor, a non-profit you’d like to start, or work for? Would you like to learn how to start, manage, and/or fund a non-profit. 3-credits, Fall, T/R 1:00 – 2:15 p.m.

ENTR 407: Entrepreneurial Solutions to World Poverty

Have you ever dreamed…that God would use your professional skills to accomplish something amazing like to: Help an Indian tribe of snake catchers start a tourist center. Or start a business to support an orphanage. Or make a movie to raise awareness of the plight of gypsies. Or design a website for an international nonprofit. Or…. 3-credit, Fall, T/R 2:30 – 3:45 p.m.

Finance Concentration

ENTR 390: Banking and Financial Systemic Risk Management

The course is led by a banking practitioner with extensive experience at the chief executive level; including credit, governance and served in a financial turn-around tenure. The course will focus on commercial banking, strategic management, and decision making, and will offer an in-depth understanding of risk management and the resultant impacts on commercial banking relationships. The course will explore how banks compete with other providers of capital, the impact of regulatory oversight on this process and how the banking system has changed and is changing. Students will be exposed to banking credit risk analysis, determining and delineating between acceptable vs. unacceptable risk and the impact this has on prospective borrowers. Successful completion of the course should position the student to better understand how a banking relationship is viewed and valued by a commercial bank.

ENTR 430: Finance for Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists
This course covers financial skills used by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from the startup of a venture through its harvest. This includes a wide variety of topics including the financial elements of a business plan, the evaluation of new business opportunities, financial planning, sources of financing at different stages, valuation methods, essentials of security law, and methods of harvesting an investment.