Major / Minor

Grove City College offers Entrepreneurship as a major for business students and a minor for non-business students. Encouraged by strong administrative and faculty support, by the fall of 2002 the entrepreneurship curriculum grew from a few courses to emerge as a major course of study, Students receive a strong foundation of the principles of accounting, finance, management, marketing, etc., and then focus-in on the world of small business and start-ups.

Each entrepreneurship major has a core of 27-credit hours of business courses covering the basic functions of business, which also fulfills their quantitative general education requirements; they are required to take between 21-27 hours of entrepreneurship courses and have 12-credit hours of entrepreneurship related electives from which to choose.Grove City College - knowledge

Students take a total of 7 hours of quantitative business courses, 9 hours of economics including a course focused on entrepreneurship theory, and 15 hours of finance and accounting courses.

Students complete 61+ hours of general education requirements in humanities, sciences, foreign language and electives and may choose to have a mentor their last two years of their program, and the student and the potential mentor are profiled to help ensure a suitable match.

The capstone business plan course is taken in the fall of the senior year, and the plan is automatically entered into the campus-wide business plan competition from which students receive written feedback from a team of five practicing entrepreneur reviewers; students may utilize the counsel of one outside entrepreneur as an advisor but all plan work must be their own original work.

To foster entrepreneurship campus-wide, cooperative relationships have been developed across the academic departments and disciplines of engineering, computer science, physics, and communication by offering a 24-credit hour minor for non-business students; this provides liberal arts and science students an opportunity to apply their disciplines within an entrepreneurial reference.