The Maker’s Design Competition


The Maker’s Design Competition gives all students the opportunity to design, develop, and implement projects of their own conception, offering cash prizes.  The competition is open to students from all majors and encourages a variety of majors to enter. The competition does require that all entries be of teams (2-5 people is suggested). It is free to enter the competition.

The goal of the Maker’s Design Competition is to connect a variety of majors encouraging students to coordinate their strengths on a multidisciplinary team, to challenge students to think creatively and reach beyond their sphere of knowledge, and to gain hands-on experience troubleshooting the issues that arise from the difference between the ideal models used for design and the reality of implementation. The Maker’s Design Competition seeks to encourage students to work on multidisciplinary teams and to gain an appreciation for the skills and talents of their teammates.

Important Dates

January 27–Meeting (all teams should attend); HAL 314 @ 4PM

February 8–Round 1 Judging; HAL 306 & 308 @ 4PM

February 25–Round 2 Judging/Final Competition; HAL 108 @ 1PM

2016-2017 Teams

Congratulations to the following teams that have been selected to participate in this year’s competition:

  • 4:14–Ben Koerber & Sydney Dunn
  • Anticipate–Connor Grieb & Alan Brennen
  • Fidgey–Jordan Coiro & Zach Danehower
  • Fish ‘n’ Clips–James Hueber & Wade Chaplain
  • Grift Drawing–Keith Meikrantz & Austin Zick
  • Lees Guitars–Jonathan Lees
  • Quick Check–Caleb Pfohl, Joshua Weinland, Andrew Furjanic, & David Corbin
  • Vulcan’s Forge–Erin Kennedy, Benjamin Foster, & Matthew Leverknight

Congratulations to this year’s Winners!

First Place ($400): Grift Drawing–Keith Meikrantz & Austin Zick

Second Place ($300): Lees Guitars–Jonathan Lees

Third Place ($200): Vulcan’s Forge–Erin Kennedy, Benjamin Foster, & Matthew Leverknight