Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

GCC_Center-for-Entrepreneurship_InnovationThe Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation seeks to raise the arc of innovation across campus and elevate the discussion of what matters—values, judgment and character within the field of entrepreneurship education. We believe that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social success on this campus and throughout society.

Providing a distinct foundation for students to become influential global leaders and drivers of social change, the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation pushes the boundaries of entrepreneurial issues. Doing so ensures that students not only learn, but also know how to use and implement what matters most in both business and service.

The Center encourages students to develop creative ingenuity while learning the fundamentals of free-market economic theory. Students are challenged in multi-disciplined scenarios, working entrepreneurially across the curriculum. Business leaders offer vital advice and knowledge as lecturers, mentors and advisers.

The Center encompasses the building blocks of a successful and ethical entrepreneurial mindset:

  • Importance of a free and competitive market

  • Creating value for the customer using ethical business tools

  • Importance of team leadership

  • Developing strong business ethics

  • Incorporating Christian perspectives into organizations

Jake Loosararian Gecko RoboticsOur programs are open and available to all Grove City College students regardless of major.  We provide real-world entrepreneurial experiences that allow students to build relationships and expand possibilities. Even if students don’t plan to start a business, the skills learned through participation in our programs can deepen experience and enhance their résumés.

We also strive to promote an entrepreneurial culture across the College through interdisciplinary collaborations, raising awareness among all Grove City students to the possibility of entrepreneurial activity as a choice at some point in their careers. As an example, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation encourages invention and commercialization of technologies within Grove City College’s acclaimed computer science and engineering programs.

A strong relationship also exists between the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Grove City College Entrepreneurship Department, and the surrounding region. We are committed to contributing to the local and regional economic development, including calling attention to the conditions and policies under which entrepreneurship can flourish.

Programs include competitions including the GCC Elevator Pitch and GCC Business Plan Competitions, the Richard G. Staley ’62 Visionary Entrepreneur Speaker Series, and the VentureLab. For a list of all of the Center’s events, please see our Events Calendar.