GCC_Dept-of-EntrepreneurshipThe Department of Entrepreneurship at Grove City College, through its teaching, programs, and research, prepares and inspires principled, high-impact entrepreneurs whose innovations improve people’s lives and solve important problems. The Department fosters an academic environment that includes real-world entrepreneurial experience, an idea-generating culture and an emphasis on ethical decision-making. Entrepreneurship majors develop versatile, foundational skills including accounting, finance, marketing, technology, strategy, and creative problem-solving abilities. They are also exposed to the legal and regulatory environment.

Students learn how to ask the right questions, analyze problems through the lens of opportunity, leverage new technologies for creating and sharing knowledge, and integrate Christian faith into entrepreneurial endeavors. They acquire a framework to conceptualize, finance, launch, manage and harvest a wide variety of new ventures. These include commercial businesses such as technology startups as well as not-for-profit enterprises that address urgent human needs. Students may also choose to apply their entrepreneurial knowledge to existing family businesses or elect to create new ventures or products within large corporations.

There is a strong, immersive experiential element to our program, placing students in the shoes of the entrepreneur through a variety of exercises, case studies, team projects and prototyping. Students also compete in campus-wide business plan, elevator pitch, and creativity contests.

A distinctive feature of our program is the rigorous, scholarly examination of the ethical and life balance issues surrounding entrepreneurial life. The prominence of these issues within our curriculum reflects our desire to elevate the discussion of values, judgment and character within the field of entrepreneurship education.

We provide numerous opportunities for students to network and personally connect with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, technologists, attorneys and other professionals who assist in the entrepreneurial process. Finally, we combine forces with those beyond the campus for required student internships and engaging overseas study trips to broaden the entrepreneurial perspective.

Entrepreneurship serves as an important source of prosperity and allows individuals to express their creativity while pursuing economic freedom and a life of purpose. Entrepreneurship education at Grove City College helps students stretch their imagination to identify things they are passionate about and convert those passions into the foundations of an entrepreneurial calling.