2013 Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition


Social Enterprise: 

  • 1st Place ($15,100*)~ Home and Healthy (Nate Cowling, Joanna Abraham & Adam Hadley)
  • 2nd Place ($1,000)~ Matatu Enterprises (Joshua Sauer, Alexander Moore & Tristan Ruml)
  • 3rd Place ($750)~ Re+Artists (Benjamin Strevy & John Green)

Commercial Enterprise:

  • 1st Place ($15,100*)~ SetTrek (Noah Walker, Erika Bastian, Chadwyck Cobb & Chesterton Cobb)
  • 2nd Place ($1,000)~ Sand Chariot (Victor Nardini, Mike Trombly & Brian Wilkes)

  • 3rd Place ($750)~ TravelPlay (Joshua Fischer)


2012 Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition

  • Social Enterprise:

1st place ($8,350*) ~ One Sonogram (Gret Glyer)

2nd place ($1,000) ~ Rinjani Footwear (Molly Harrington, Mack Lloyd, Alex Moore & Luke Stoltzfus)

3rd place ($500) ~ ECDP (Penn Grove Conference Center (David Schools)

  • Commercial Enterprise:

1st place ($8,350*) ~ Amilie Clean Cosmetics (Rachel Brockhage & Sharon Seiter)

2nd place ($1,000) ~ Sprout Haven (Alexander Cochran, Rebecca Torre & Chloe Smiley)

3rd place ($500) ~ Teapifany (Joanna Abraham, Brendan Marasco, Sharon Seiter, Elise Stanchak & Leah VanEerden)


*Includes in-kind legal, consulting, accounting and web-based services valued at $6,850.

2011 Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition

  • Social Enterprise:1st place ($3,000)* ~Thenga Energy (Kyle Baer, Rachel Paul & Chris Marasco)2nd place ($2,000) ~ Funds of Faith (Joseph Dorris)3rd place ($1,000) ~ CARE (Marc Mentzer)
  • Commercial Enterprise:1st place ($3,000)* ~ ModPod Homes (Michael King, Jayna Grassel & Ryan Misenheimer)2nd place ($2,000) ~ (Sharon Seiter)3rd place ($1,000) ~ (Tora Kata (Jonathan Cutler & Phillip Kinney)*1st Place winners also receive in-kind legal, consulting, accounting and web-based services valued at $6,750.

2010:  8th Annual Business Plan Competition

Nonprofit category:

  • 1st place ($4,500) ~ Women Absolutely Prepared (Philip Tan & Alexander Cochran)
  • 2nd place ($3,000) ~ International Education Connection (Mark Pearson)
  • 3rd place ~ (will split $2,000 total prize) tie:Camp GROW (Jayna Grassel, Laura Blank, CJ Beatty and Julie Shenk)Island Leather Works (Kevin Hoffman and Brittany Hayward)

For-profit category:

  • 1st  and 2nd place (will split $7,500 total prize) tie ~  LimeCuda (Blake Imeson and David Kuhta)epicycle Tours (Joel Shindeldecker and Matthew McNicoll)
  • 3rd place ($2,000) ~ Flat Waves (Matthew Kennedy and William Burgess)

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