Helpful Hints

Five questions your “elevator pitch” must answer:

  1. What is your product or service?
  2. Who is your market?
  3. What is your revenue model? (More simply, how do you expect to make money?)
  4. Who is your competition?
  5. What is your competitive advantage?

What your “elevator pitch” must contain:

The  Introduction

  • Keep it simple; don’t waste time with your bio!
  • What is the name of your company?
  • Who are you?
  • What is your role at the company?

The Description

  • Your goal:  The investor understands your product!
  • Describe benefits; not features
  • Business value; not technical specifications
  • Draw an analogy: “Unlike our competitors….
  • Use a metaphor
  1. Focus on the single most important benefit
  2. Why will customers buy your product?
  3. Why is your product unique?

The Hook

  • Grab the investors’ attention; make them want to know more!
  • What makes your company special?
  • This is a phrase or word that strikes a chord in your listener.

The Close

  • Keep it simple
  • What stage of development are you in?
  • How much capital are you seeking?

If you have time left….

  • How will you use the capital?
  • What are the key milestones you will hit?
  • Delivery Matters!
    • Show your passion!
    • Smile & make eye contact
    • Use tone, volume & pace for emphasis
    • Don’t distract with gesticulation or fidgeting
    • Dress code:  Business casual

Research “elevator pitch” on the internet to get additional ideas and watch videos of similar presentations!


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