What can you do with a degree in Entrepreneurship?

A variety of studies indicate that recent college graduates are projected to change jobs 9-10 times and careers 4-5 times during their lifetimes. Others indicate that 70% of young people are dissatisfied with their early career choices. Almost all of us will consider some form of entrepreneurial activity as a choice at several points in our careers.

A bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship can open many career doors for students, regardless of economic conditions.

By learning management, financial, marketing and creativity skills, Entrepreneurship majors are prepared for a wide variety of career paths. These include starting a new business or social enterprise to better our world; working in a family business or as part of a team in a startup/nonprofit started by another entrepreneur; developing a new product or launching a new business within a large corporation (also known as “intrapreneurship”); pursuing a career as a venture capitalist, or serving as a legal, accounting or financial advisor to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Finally, other Entrepreneurship majors may elect to use their unique preparation to attend graduate school.