Shark Tank: Grove City College Edition

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What problem on campus would you fix,

or event would you run, if you had $1,000?


Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 7:00 PM in Sticht Lecture Hall, Hall of Arts & Letters

Compete to see your idea become a reality and take home a cash prize!

1st prize:  $300

2nd prize:  $200

3rd prize:  $100

Popular vote:  $50

Sarah Klein - MC


1. To spur and facilitate creative thinking from students in regard to problem solving and events related to campus life

2. To improve the campus

3. To provide continuing opportunities for students to utilize the entrepreneurial spirit


Congratulations to the WINNERS of the 2017 GCC Shark Tank Competition! 


  1. Share the Kitchenware ($300)—Hannah Shoemaker ‘18, Abby Noll ‘18
  2. Replacing the Fountain ($200)—Ben Demers ‘20
  3. Get Connected ($100)—Andrew Graber ‘20, Ariella Carter ‘18


People’s Choice Award ($50):  Let’s Climb—Jordan Horst 18, Hannah Vaccaro ‘18


Past Winners:










1st : Culinary Arts Class (Elaina Kimpel ’18 and Larry Thompson ’17)

2nd: Social Media Competition for Marketing (Luke Negron ’16)

3rd: Ice Machine for Upper Campus (Ben Marasco ’16)

Popular Vote: Picnic Benches (Elizabeth O’Brien ’16 and Hannah Vaccaro ’18



Zachary, Joshua, Hannah, and Sam

1st : IM Spikeball (Samuel Calhoun ’18)

2nd: Hicks Entryway Grates* (Zachary Danehower ’17, Jordan Coiro ’17, and Joshua Sauer ’15)

3rd: Library Espresso (Hannah Vaccaro ’18 and Elisabeth O’Brien ’16)

*Also Winners of the Popular Vote




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