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Hey, what do you know?  This new social media thing actually works!

As a student deeply passionate and involved in a sports team, I am always excited about and interested in ways to connect with fans, alumni, and parents.  I am a member of the Grove City men’s lacrosse team and as the program has grown over my four years at school, so has its base of alumni and faithful followers.

Being business students and having taken several entrepreneurship classes, we as the leaders of the team looked to apply some of these concepts to our alumni relations side of things.  Not only did we start new social media initiatives, but we have updated them, made them appealing, and have seen great success follow along with it.

First was updating our website.  A more accurate and recognizable domain name, a professional-looking WordPress setup, and multiple links that have news, pictures, videos, questionnaires, information on the team, a sponsors page and contact information all served to beef up our main hub of information and connect better with our followers.

Next we created a Facebook page.  The key to this channel of communication was all about content and creating a conversation.  News and statuses are constantly updated, pictures uploaded, and discussions are started on this page, making it extremely appealing to alumni, friends, family and fans, and gives them a reason to come to the page.  Fan interaction has been huge and the page has gained over five hundred followers and built connections that otherwise would not have happened.

We also created a Twitter account for the team.  This is used to comment on news with the team as well as to tweet in-game scores at our games.  There has been a lot of positive feedback from alumni who are not near Grove City and use this as a means to stay updated quickly on how games are progressing.  There is also a Picasa link on the team’s sites that take users to a page full of photos of the team at different games.

Clearly social media has worked for us, and I believe it is because we have tried to go about it the right way.  Creating new, exciting content that draws users in, getting interaction to create conversations, and staying up to date with our followers’ needs.  As a current business student, it is exciting to see these things happen…to take concepts from the classroom and find out that practically applied, they can actually work.
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