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The Internet was possibly the greatest invention since the printing press, giving mankind the ability to instantly gather and contribute information and send it worldwide to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. There is no doubt that the business world is a lucrative and rewarding field, both economically but emotionally and spiritually as well. In the hierarchy of business, however, entrepreneurship reigns supreme. It is nice to contribute to the world economic engine by working for a large bank, manufacturing plant, or clothing store. But when all is said and done, there is nothing quite like creating a business with your own hard work and creativity, and subsequently seeing it flourish.

Think for a minute about combining two great things: the power of the World Wide Web along with the power of an entrepreneur. The world is addicted to the Internet, and it is never going back. We will continue to utilize the wonders of the information superhighway and those entrepreneurs who can use the internet to their advantage will benefit enormously and surpass their competitors. With a class like Internet Entrepreneurship, students are given the skills they need to tackle the two big challenges they will face upon graduation: starting a business and using the power of the world’s greatest invention to their economic advantage. Subject like ‘content marketing’, ‘mass collaboration’ and ‘search engine optimization’ will no longer be technical buzzwords but real life topics that can be relevantly applied to a business setting.

The Internet is our greatest tool as the world economy continues to morph and grow, and those entrepreneurs who buck the trend and decide to set off on their own will be the greatest beneficiaries of what the world has to offer. Entrepreneurship is not just raw talent, however. The secrets to success involve real and tangible lessons that can be learned in a classroom, provided the right professors teach the right topics. In a school like Grove City, there is no better place to learn about the great benefits one can gain from striking it on their own while at the same time understanding how the world revolves around the continuing growth of the Internet.