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Questioning the College DecisionAs a bright, self-motivated individual preparing for college, choosing a major is a tough decision. Entrepreneurship sounds appealing, but uncertainty kills. What do entrepreneurs do? How does a major in entrepreneurship strike potential employers? What kind of job are you prepared for as part of an entrepreneurship department? The major decision is a major decision. What if you pick the wrong one and end up making change flipping burgers in the fast food industry instead of making bank flipping houses in real estate?

These concerns are very real and generally worth the contemplation. But good news is waiting. Entrepreneurship is an umbrella major in a good way. First, the major allows a student to cover many aspects of business. Business management, sales, marketing, organizational development, finance, communication skills, and time management are areas or skills cultivated in an entrepreneurship major. What CEO is going to turn a job applicant away because the applicant has a sense of the myriad of business aspects which is too well-rounded and balanced? Not a CEO that applicant ought to be interested in working with.

Entrepreneurship Wordle GraphicThe umbrella aspect of entrepreneurship doesn’t simply apply to getting well-rounded perspective on running a business. The types of business which an entrepreneurship major lends itself to are likewise extensive. One Grove City Entrepreneurship alumnus may start a non-profit organization to provide clean water to third-world countries, while others may launch Internet enterprises, foreign tour businesses, or pursue opportunities in other fields. An entrepreneurship major doesn’t limit your potential, instead it frees you to pursue your passions more fully.