Current Teams

Stay tuned for the announcement of the new VentureLab teams for 2016-17!!

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” – Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple

Congratulations to the New 2016-17 VentureLab Teams!

College Knowledge:  Erin Sixt ’18 (MMGT), J.P. Popham ’19 (ENTR)

College Knowledge is hoping to create a customizable online database, designed for college admissions, which seeks to answer questions of prospective students in real time.

Armeria Co.:  Angela Kim ’18 (COMM)

Armeria Co. is an online women’s clothing store featuring unique pieces of clothing, encouraging women to embrace their own personal style. These clothes are sourced by “professional thrifters” who search through thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales to find fashionable pieces at a low cost.

Haven:  Chris Zimmerman ’17 (COMP), Jonathan Brutt ’18 (COMP), John Umble ’17 (COMP)

Haven is a smart home security system that will be able to intelligently monitor and keep track of members of a family within their home without any smart wearables, in order to provide a secure and unobtrusive security experience.

MapYap:  Andrew Cunningham ’17 (COMP), Jessica Lewis ’17 (COMP), Tyler Mulley ’17 (COMP), Nick Gillot ’17 (COMP), Guilherme Pereira ’18 (COMP), Connor Grumling ’17 (COMP), Bill Birmingham (Faculty Advisor)

MapYap is a new social media platform based on a map and aimed at connecting people to virtual communities. People can post text, pictures or videos in social media feeds or “conversations” that are linked to a specific location.  By “traveling” on the map interface, people experience being in a different location, and participate in the conversations there. MapYap provides people with the opportunity to virtually attend concerts, sporting events, conferences, and everything else!

PrintIt:  Stephen Weaver ’19 (ENTR)

Millions of people are searching for low-cost housing or on a low-income, PrintIt. Millions of homeless people around the world need a real house, PrintIt. Using the power of 3D house printing, PrintIt provides very low-cost housing that is both of quality and modern taste. The construction industry is tipping, join the revolution and PrintIt.

Riot Racing:  Benjamin Tobias ’19 (ENTR), Logan MacKenzie ’17 (ELEE)

Riot Racing RC is a project that is exploring the possibility of connecting mechanical racing vehicles through the power of the internet in ways not made commercially possible before

Robomic:  Matt Kauffman ’17 (ELEE), Matt Vavro ’17 (ELEE), Allie Olson ’17 (ENTR), Mitchell Buzard ’17 (ELEE), Ryan Brothers ’17 (ELEE), Eric Martin ’17 (ELEE)

Robomic is working on developing a microphone mount which allows a sound operator to remotely adjust the positioning of a microphone in order to best suit a speaker’s position.  This system takes the often neglected variable of microphone position and puts it in the sound engineer’s tool bag, thereby providing a better listening experience for the crowd.  It will also follow all industry standards so that it can be seamlessly integrated into any existing sound system.

StickPick:  Adam Lowe ’18 (ENTR)

StickPick is a guitar pick made specifically for finger style playing. Its revolutionary design allows it to stick directly onto the fingernail for powerful playing, with a quick-release system making it reusable.

Studio Song:  Jordan Horst ’18 (ENTR)

Studio Song is one application that hosts everything you need to write a song. From late night thoughts to prepping for the recording studio, Studio Song walks with you every step of the way. Edit lyrics and scratch recordings all in one place. Save drafts and record multiple tracks to build a song from the ground up. Share with anyone with its fully collaborative interface and get inspiration from suggested rhymes without ever exiting the app. Studio Song – streamlining the song writing process for musicians by musicians.

Team Up India:  Lindsey Reichert ’17 (COMM), Ezekiel Hoole ’18 (ENTR), Kelsey Patton ’17 (COMM/FREN)

Using kid’s love of sports, “Team Up India” will be an after school sports program in India that will teach kids about proper nutrition and fight malnourishment. The program will start cricket and football teams in schools in India with a Coach to teach them about good nutrition and make the connection between what they eat and how they perform. The program will raise funding and be scaled through corporate sponsorship as Indian companies are now required by law to donate 2% of their net profits to social projects.