Venture Lab 2013


Funded Teams

The Sand Chariot:  An innovative beach wheelchair designed to give the elderly and physically disabled the full beach experience.  The Sand Chariot’s two wheeled design is pulled from the front.  It is safe and affordable.  This idea has already earned merit in both the 2011 Grove City College and the 2012 NW Pennsylvania College Elevator Pitch Competitions, taking 1st place in both.

  • Michael Trombly ‘14*, Entrepreneurship
  • Brian Wilkes ‘14, Mechanical Engineering
  • Victor Nardini ‘14, Entrepreneurship
  • Scott Pulkowski ‘14, Entrepreneurship


Fast Join Computer Matchmaking Server:  This team plans to take a software system, designed to quickly match players in networked mobile computer games, from a prototype to a robust version that they can present to game development companies.

  • Matt Keibler ‘13*, Computer Science
  • Brad Holbrook ‘13, Computer Science
  • William Birmingham, Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering


Gecko Robotics Design:  A robot that scales furnace walls within coal power plants, the robot will inspect the pipes that line the walls for defects caused by the violent environment within the furnace.  This robot would replace labor-intensive, time-consuming manual inspection and would save these plants substantial time and money.  The design is unique and serves as a solution to the inaccuracy of the previously used method.

  • Orion Correa ‘13*, Electrical Engineering
  • Ian Miller ‘13, Electrical Engineering
  • Andrew Wilson ‘13, Electrical Engineering
  • Jake Loosararian ‘13, Electrical Engineering
  • Nate Adamo ’13, Finance


Affiliate Teams

Affiliate teams have full access to all the services the VentureLab offers, minus the funding.

Quest NYC:  A mobile app that enriches user experience in large cities by highlighting its hidden gems.  It appeals to the tourist and native alike.

  • Chadwyck Cobb ‘14*, Entrepreneurship
  • Erika Bastian ‘14, Business Management
  • Noah Walker ’14, Finance
  • Chesterton Cobb ’15, Economics & Political Science


*Team Captain