VentureLab 2014

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Greek Life (Basically Greek): A one-stop information shop for active Greek (sorority and fraternity) members and their Alumni, this exclusive website offers a platform for communication as well as event planning, calendars, product sales, membership, fundraising, and philanthropy.


Greek Life (Basically Greek) Team Members:

  • Elisabeth O’Brien ‘16*, Entrepreneurship
  • Josh Weatherstone ‘16, Entrepreneurship
  • Clive Komlenic ‘16, Entrepreneurship

India MBA (Hard Rock Brushes)


India Micro Business Accelerator (Hard Rock Brushes): Designed to help prospective and impoverished small business owners, this social enterprise business accelerator will enable entrepreneurs to improve their standard of living, create jobs in the area, and empower the people of India to raise themselves out of economic hardship.

India Micro Business Accelerator (Hard Rock Brushes) Team Members:

  • Sam Blood ’16, Entrepreneurship
  • Victor Nardini ’14, Entrepreneurship
  • Tom Umhau ’16, Mechanical Engineering
  • Casey Woodcock ’16*, Entrepreneurship

Krut Industries: Centered on anti-aging and protein therapeutics treatments for the skin, this company’s aim is to commercialize an anti-aging facial crème.

  • William Krut ’14*, Economics
  • Chris Marasco ’11, Entrepreneurship
  • Matthew Show ’00, Molecular Biology

MOBU: A sharing kiosk for beach and all-terrain wheelchairs.

  • Michael Trombly ’14*, Entrepreneurship
  • Brian Wilkes ’14, Mechanical Engineering

The following teams are VentureLab affiliates.  These teams have full access to all the services the VentureLab offers, minus the funding.

Libertas (Flora): A social business enterprise that would design and sell planners and journals in an effort to help provide women in developing countries the opportunity to attend a university and obtain a degree.

Flora Cover PhotoTeam

Flora Team Members:

  • Victoria VanBuskirk ’14*, Communication Studies
  • Ashley VanBuskirk ’14 (Miami Univ.), Journalism and International Studies

venture lab 1The Liner Lodge: A commercial business that would design a product that would take advantage of two powerful trends in the current marketplace: the explosive kitchen storage market and the resurging popularity of cupcakes.

  • Karolina Lagerquist ’16*, Entrepreneurship

Karolina Lagerquist - VentureLab Team Linder Lodge Logo

Project Phoenix Calling: A social enterprise that would begin a rescue/rehab center for rescued victims of human trafficking in Southern Spain.

  • Claire Boykiw ’15, Sociology
  • James Moore ’16, Entrepreneurship
  • Amy Rumbaugh ’16*, Entrepreneurship

Radio Gospel: Working in concert with a CLC ministries bookstore, this social enterprise is working to establish a Christ-centered radio station in the Toba Tek Singh district of Pakistan.

  • Sam Blood ’16*, Entrepreneurship

Britt Schmitt VentureLab Grove City College


Stain Remover/Name TBD: A product that significantly reduces the noticeability of armpit stains on shirts, allowing consumers to wear their favorite shirts longer and save money on replacement shirts.

  • Brittany Schmitt ’15*, Entrepreneurship





WebDock: A web app that offers individuals a unique brand that is established through a personal domain.

  • Benjamin Che ’16*, Entrepreneurship

*Team Captain