VentureLab 2015

Twenty-seven Grove City College students will participate in the 2014-15 VentureLab, an early- stage business and social enterprise idea lab, sponsored by The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Grove City College, that provides seed grants workspace and guidance to student-entrepreneurs.
Eight teams and individuals working on a variety of ideas for businesses were selected:

  • Fan Fizz (Connor Grieb ’18)
  • Free Feet (Matthew Leverknight ’17)
  • Kinbox (Karolina Lagerquist ’16, Andrea Howe ‘16, Jordan Jensen ’16)
  • Lunch Time (Haley Nerlich ’16, Ashley Henderson ‘16)
  • Plant Chamber (Joshua Weatherstone ’15, Ron Dornin ’15, Samuel Emery ’15, Lanze Heerdt ’15, Matthew Freiwald ’15, James Riel ’15, Andrew Fischer ’15, Ariel Wick ’15, Will Stumpf ’15, Chris Collins ’15, Zachary Bentley ’15, Dalaney Algiere ’15, Jessica Lunn ’15)
  • Pocket Gnomes (Logan Hammerschmitt ’16, Jonathan Graber ‘16, Zack Unkenholz ‘18)
  • Secure Communication Systems (Thomas Umhau ’16, Samuel Blood ’16)
  • Shameless Plug (Steve Patterson ’15, Josh Logan ’15)
Jordan Jensen - KinBox

Jordan Jensen – KinBox

Fifteen teams applied and made their case for funding to purchase supplies or professional services that will help them test the viability of their ideas.

The mission of the VentureLab is to help the Grove City College campus community explore and develop new ventures based on their own original concepts. It serves as a valuable starting point for innovation and enables aspiring entrepreneurs to gauge the feasibility of their ideas. This is the VentureLab’s third year.

“The VentureLab teams this year are a testimony to the incredible creativity of Grove City College students,” Dr. Timothy Mech, professor of business/finance and entrepreneurship at the College and advisor of the VentureLab said. “Their ideas cover a wide range of applications and have remarkable potential. By helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop promising ideas, VentureLab brings fresh opportunities to the local economy. Even the teams that ultimately decide not to monetize their ideas will acquire valuable insights, skills, and contacts that will further their careers.” said Dr. Tim Mech.

The VentureLab teams work in The Highmark Business Innovation Center suite located at the [email protected], the region’s first Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) start-up business incubator, in Hermitage, Pa. The [email protected] acts as the essential hub for new venture creation and technology commercialization in the region. The selected teams will have access to workspace, a business center, training, coaching and mentoring.

Yvonne English ’97, executive director of The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, acts as a mentor alongside Mech.