Have you ever had to handle the stress of attempting to find a date and time for a meeting with a group of people?  Well stress no more because Doodle is a helpful tool that allows stress for stress free planning.  You can easily link in your calendar if it’s through google, Ical or outlook.  Once you enter your potential dates and times of the event into Doodle, it sends out a polling calendar. Then, Doodle collects the data and informs you of the best date.

This is a quick and easy solution to a problem that can be extremely hectic. Whether it be for a family gathering, a group project, or a business meeting, Doodle has the capability to save time and effort.  Doodle’s tagline is “The scheduling tool you’ll actually use.  Find a date for a meeting 2X faster.”  This is a clear pictures of Doodle’s message.

Doodle is primarily a free service.  They also offer a premium private service and a business service for a fee.  The premium services offer extra tools which, depending on the need of the user, could be essential.  As an aspiring entrepreneur currently in college, I am confident that Doodle will be a useful tool that I will have the ability to utilize.  If you are interested in using this tool you can find more information at doodle.com.