Congratulations to our 2019 EPC Winners!




1st – Audisense, Gabriella Yonkers ’20 (Communications + Visual Arts Major)
2nd – InCase, Alex Minotto ’23 (Political Science Major)
3rd – Gecko Sheets, Karsten Lagerquist ’22 (Finance Major)
4th – Easy Tie, Matthew Williams ’23 (Business Analysis Major)
5th – Muse, Laura Mosley ’22 (Communication Studies + Management Major)


1st – FlyMarlee, Peyton Brogan ’22 (Entrepreneurship Major)
2nd – ClayMotion, Meredith Basham ’23 (Marketing Major)
3rd – NGO Source, Nathan Warrick ’22 (Entrepreneurship Major)

Grove City Foundation Social Impact Prize:  Quick Tips, Olivia Whiteman ’23 (Entrepreneurship Major)


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