Today I would like to examine two things, of many, that make an internet startup successful. So, to do that, I am going to take a quick look at a internet company known as “Hudl.”

Hudl is a software company that specializes in connecting coaches with athletes in order to help them be more successful. Hudl allows coaches and athletes to share videos, comments, and tips about a game or practice. This allows athletes to be in contact with their coaches from anywhere in the world, as all these features are internet based.

So, how successful is Hudl? Since 2006 they have gathered over 160,000 teams and 4 million individual users. The site is used everywhere from youth athletics, to professional teams.

So, why is Hudl successful? Hudl is successful, because it solves a problem. What do you do if you have a question after practice? What if the team is too large for a coach to answer individual questions? Hudle provides a space where coaches can easily communicate with all of their athletes while they are anywhere in the world. Furthermore, Hudle saw that the market was moving towards internet-based communication, therefore they made all of their software internet based.

So, what can be learned from this? As an internet entrepreneur you must create something that solves a problem. In addition, you must predict where the market is heading. If you can create something that links people to a desired product or service in a convenient way, you are on your way to becoming a successful internet entrepreneur. So many internet startups are either inconvenient, or try to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. If you can avoid those two mistakes, you can create a successful internet startup, just like Huddl has.