A free society as well as healthy and growing internet companies rely heavily on free speech, property rights and progress. Unlike tradition business models, incentives based models rewards employee and sellers based on the amount of profit made. This allows for companies to be costumer focused. Something that is at the core fast growing internet giants like Amazon Inc.

Firstly, Amazon Inc. helped create an incentive system where customers are free to leave reviews about a product. That way the company is constantly receives feedback if customers are happy or they need change and innovate their products.

Secondly, Amazon Inc. gave third party sellers the freedom to easily start a seller’s account, an online store that can call their own (property rights). this allows sellers to push harder to build a better brand and their own costumer base.

Thirdly, the right incentive are put in place through company’s return policy. Sellers are rewarded only if profit when costumers finds value in your product and they are happy with the product. other wise the product will be returned and seller makes no money.

Finally, sellers are rewarded based on profit made unlike traditional companies whose employees receive no extra pay the more they bring profit to the company. but they are given more work to do instead with the same salary.