Nimble is a catchall contact management program for businesses that can integrate Hootsuite, Evernote, Mailchimp, Google and social media outlets into its operation. But, what is contact management software anyway, and why is it useful? With Nimble, you can import your email address books and create contact records that go way beyond a name and email address. You can track the entire history of your relationship with each contact, how you met, what sort of business you’ve done together, even what they are posting on social media right now. So if you’re in sales, you can keep track of when you last contacted a customer, if and when you’ll next be meet with them, and see if they are currently posting something online about how they would really like [x, y, z product] so you can be the one to say “I can help you with that”, to build stronger client relationships.

But you can also keep track of messages from almost anywhere: Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more can all be integrated into feed. If someone tweets about your product, you can see what they’re saying and tweet back, while being able to do the same with other platforms, all while only looking through one inbox and it can sort through every social media account for certain keywords related to your business. Even more innovative than these two capabilities is Nimble’s ‘Rules Engine’ that uses a self-teaching algorithm to see when you respond or don’t respond to certain messages, allowing it to refine what it shows you over time.

So who is Nimble for? It’s certainly a very powerful tool, but that capability comes at a price of $15 per month per user. It can integrate hundreds of additional apps, and it allows you to build your daily calendar into it as well, so it provides a lot of value for the price. I would say it is most valuable for someone in a business built around long term relationships, like business-to-business sales, or if you’re running a consumer business in a segment where social media based feedback is the norm. But more and more every business is affected by social media chatter, so it’s not improbable that soon every business will find this valuable.