Many individuals have needed to find a note, important document, or simply a grocery list and not been able to find it due to a messy desk. Wildly they swift through the desk, folders, and notebooks and still are unable to find it. Busy individuals long for a place where important papers could be in one place and in an organized matter, well, there’s an app for that. Evernote is an app that allows the user to record thoughts, notes, and images quickly and knowing that they will be saved to work on later. Users are able to write a business proposition, create a journal entry for their local newspaper, or simply create a grocery list in a quick and organized fashion making this a great app for entrepreneurs. With the ability to sync files to the cloud and add pictures and audio to a note, Evernote allows you to work whenever and wherever you are.

With their busy lives and compact schedules, Evernote is a great tool for entrepreneurs to have. With the power of the Cloud Evernote is able to sync any of your files to any device that Evernote is installed on. This allows users to create a business presentation at work and finish it that night on their laptop at home. Work is no longer constrained to one device and saved automatically in case of a rush. With a pen and paper you can only record words and doodles, but Evernote allows so much more. Pictures and audio are able to be recorded in a note allowing the user to give their audience an experience they once had in a new perspective. Instead of a story with only words and uncomfortable facial expressions, Evernote allows the user to share what they saw and even heard in that very moment and in a creative way.Creativity is a gift, and Evernote helps emphasize it for those who are less gifted in that area. Different Fonts, letter sizes, and changing colors of words gives the user a chance to spice up their work experience. Users are able to create fun and colorful articles to share with their audiences. Articles and documents are no longer a boring black and white, and Evernote allows users to make their work more inviting. With tutorials offered, Evernote even gives the user some helpful hints about how to make their documents and presentations more appealing.

Not only does Evernote open new doors and experiences for entrepreneurs, they also made it simple. In order to create an account on Evernote, one simply has to give an email address and password, no long sign up process for the user is needed. Once an account is created the user can create notes, take pictures, record audio, and many other things with a simple click of a button. There is no need to go through multiple pages of Evernote because they don’t have many. Everything you need is most likely on Evernotes home page. Files are on one side of the screen while your work space is on the other, allowing users to quickly access new files when needed. There are many websites where progress is lost simply because navigating through the website is complicated and unorganized. With Evernote a user will never lose information and be able to quickly access whatever is needed with a few clicks of the mouse.

Users can store a proper amount of data on Evernote for free, but when the user needs more space than is offered they must upgrade to the premium edition. Evernote premium is not free, but for the low price of $45.00 a year, users are granted more storage space and a few more advantages than the regular user. Premium users are able to create presentations alongside the extra data. This is great for the entrepreneur whose business took off sooner than they expected. The hassle of moving file after file to a new and bigger storage space is not needed. Evernote makes growing a business easy and helps organize files for those with busy schedules. So when a document is misplaced, switch to Evernote, where documents are not lost and organization is done right.