I was recently on the internet when I found a video that gave me a great idea for a new product. After seeing the video and having the idea I went to a party for my friend. When I came back I remembered that I watched a video and had a great idea, but I couldn’t remember what the great idea was or what video sparked the idea(curse my short-term memory loss!). To this day I still can’t remember what it was, but I knew that I had to find a way to save those videos and ideas in one place for later. While looking through the app store I stumbled upon an application called “Pocket”.

Pocket allows the user to save videos, pictures, articles and notes to watch and read later on the app.

Pocket saves those files or documents while using wifi so that you can view them later when you have time or when you are in a place where wifi is unavailable.  When an entrepreneur sees something that gives them an idea they can save it for later with the app or write a quick note for viewing at a later time. Pocket also makes sharing videos, notes and pictures easy and simple.  It has quick share links to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and other sites. If you are going before a board and you need to save something for the meeting, Pocket is there for you.

I have found Pocket very helpful when I come up with an idea and I need to jot down a few notes or when I see something that I don’t have time to watch or read at the moment. It is an easy to use app that has proven to be beneficial to me in my idea generation and saving process. There’s just one question; what will you Pocket?