Redemptive Entrepreneurship

—the work of joining God in creative restoration through sacrifice, in venture building and innovation

Praxis, an E+I partner, created this definition and teaches that, as believers, we have hope in the belief that the Lord is going to bring about restoration to all in this earth, and it’s that hope that compels us to go out and create. 

Grove City College is interested in redemptive entrepreneurship because it speaks to the core of who we are as both an institution and individual Christians. We want to empower and equip our students to go out into the world and make a true difference for the common good to further human flourishing…Entrepreneurship is centered on the idea that “there’s gotta be a better way,” and we at Grove City College believe that we have found that better way in the form of redemptive entrepreneurship.

Yvonne J. English

Executive Director of E+I

Hear about our students’ experiences at Praxis Academy—


More From Our Students

All I can say is it was an amazing experience…. 

I met so many different kinds of people from all over the world, and I got to hear the pains of their society. Their stories taught me the vastness of God’s kingdom…that He has established a global Church. It is our job to work together to love and serve Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit to build His kingdom here. It’s a beautiful thing to see that happen in the sphere of business, and it was a sincere blessing to have a better understanding of what it means to do that better for God’s glory.

Zach Lavalla '21

It was a life-changing, overwhelming week that filled my mind with inspiration, my heart with encouragement, and my contact list with passionate Godly redemptive people. It is not just for entrepreneurship majors, in fact it is even more rewarding for people who aren’t entrepreneurship majors. It is how to live an entrepreneurial redemptive life through your future work, NOT how to become an entrepreneur.

Lizzy Higgins '21

I loved the endless examples of entrepreneurs that have accomplished tremendous stuff when they just got off center stage and let God take the lead on the venture….

Regardless of major, I think it would be a great experience for people to learn to think entrepreneurial about whatever environment they are in and also to connect with like-minded people who aspire to shape our culture through redemptive action.

Peyton Brogan '22