TCU Neeley School of Business Values and Ventures Business Plan Competition


A unique annual competition for undergraduate students around the world to pitch plans for businesses, products or services that make a profit while also benefiting the environment, the community or a specific population. Presented by the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX.


Unique Mission 

The Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures® Business Plan Competition stands out from other business plan competitions by focusing on for-profit enterprises that specifically impact society in meaningful ways. Plans must demonstrate a societal or environmental need to be filled, as well as the profitability of the business.


Values-Centered Enterprise Concepts 

A values-centered enterprise assures sustainable prosperity while also supporting the needs of company owners and shareholders, employees and their families, suppliers, customers, communities and the environment. Concepts submitted for this competition should seek to contribute to the health and well-being of specific internal or external stakeholders through its proposed products, services and profits. Examples could include contributions to sustainability, innovations in the health and life sciences, innovations in energy or opportunities for under-represented groups in business.



Values and Ventures Grand Prize Cash  $25,000
In kind $100,000
Values and Ventures Second Place Cash $15,000
In kind $15,000
Values and Ventures Third Place Cash $10,000
In kind $10,000
Values and Ventures Honorable Mentions (6) Cash $2,500
Founders Award Cash $5,000
Sly Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cash $2,500
Warren Douglas Vision and Innovation Award In kind $25,000
Elevator Pitch Grand Prize Cash $1,000
Elevator Pitch Second Place Cash $500
Elevator Pitch Third Place Cash $250
Elevator Pitch Honorable Mentions (3) Cash $100



Important Dates


October 2017–Intent to Compete Opens
February 28, 2018–Deadline for Application
March 5, 2018–Schools Selected/Notified
March 26, 2018–Deadline for Business Plans
April 6-7, 2018–Competition at TCU


For more information, please visit the TCU Neeley School of Business website and contact Prof. Yvonne English