Social media such as twitter and Facebook can be used as platform s for people to share their personal opinions. I have seen people share their thoughts on political issues, social issues, movies, music, clothes, sports, brands etc.

I have seen this behavior multiple times on Twitter and Facebook. On twitter ideas and opinions can be shared through retweets, favorites, or tagging someone to a specific tweet. On Facebook you are able to spread thoughts through sharing links, liking posts, or tagging someone in a specific post. Once these posts are shared using any of the ways I listed, people can then comment and share their own opinion on the idea being shared.

But say you are trying to see what a majority of people think about these ideas being shared. While using Twitter and Facebook there are not clear ways of seeing what the majority of users think on the idea.

Recently there has been a new social media app designed specifically for gaining insight on what people think about your post. Introducing Sweigh a new social media app with a twist. Sweigh is an app where users can post polls on whatever they please.

For example users can ask their audience whether or not they should go see a certain movie. The users post will be shown with two options underneath of it. One option will say “yes go to the movie” and the other may say “no do not go see the movie”. Once this is posted other users can then select which option they think the original poster should do. Which in turn shows the number of votes each option gets. Along with the voting aspect you can also comment as anonymous or as yourself.

Sweigh can be used for a number of purposes other than asking your followers simple questions. Sweigh has been used for marketing and blogging purposes too. Marketers and bloggers have been able to use Sweigh to gain instant feedback on what they are selling or writing about.

Bloggers can use Sweigh to help them know what readers prefer to read about. They can also see how readers react to their blogs instantly. Another great purpose for Sweigh is the use Marketers can get out of it. Sweigh is designed to get instant feedback on what is posted. So if a brand marketer wanted to see how people feel about their brand they can just put a post on Sweigh and look at the poll results.

So get an idea of what people think about certain topics using Sweigh and better your product, blog, and maybe even your decision making.


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