WVB Round 3

Now is the time to put your foot on the proverbial gas! The top eight teams will then continue to make as much progress as possible with their ventures using the feedback received from the Proof of Concept Round as they prepare for the Final Battle Round.

Investor Executive Summary Submission

The Finalists will be required to submit an Executive Summary in this one page format used by the Angel Capital Association for the Investors to review prior to the Final Battle. 

The Investor Executive Summary Deadline is Friday, April 21, 2017, at 11:59 pm.

Submit Investor Executive Summary

The Final Battle

The Final Battle will consist of a 10-minute presentation to the Investors. The Investors will then have 5 minutes for questions.

Dress Code

Unlike a formal business plan competition, you are not required to wear business attire. Feel free to dress as appropriate for your business idea. Of course, if you need to wear your power suit, feel free to do so!

Grove City College Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation WVB Judges


Once all teams have presented, the Investors will go to the deliberation room to decide which teams that they would like to “invest” in. They will be given their “cash” (fake money at this stage as we don’t plan to have a suitcase full of cash…real money to be issued after the competition).

Just as in real life, each Investor will have a set dollar amount to spend and can give any amount to any and all teams. The Investors will place whatever amount they deem appropriate in designated envelopes. This means that, theoretically, all finalist teams could end up with cash….or one team can take it all!

The total amount of cash that the top eight teams will be competing for is $15,000!

Keep in mind: This is prize money (not an actual equity investment).

Wolverine Venture Battle - Foster Friends

Prize Giving Ceremony

The Investors will then return to Sticht Hall to announce their investment decisions as the crowd eagerly tracks each team’s winnings.

The TOP TEAM as determined by total cash winnings will be the 2017 Wolverine Venture Battle Champion. HUZZAH!

The TOP SIX TEAMS as determined by total cash winnings will also be awarded the right to in-kind services as provided by our sponsors.

The Final Battle is Friday, May 5, 2017, at 1:00 pm in Sticht Lecture Hall.