How can something chaotic be focused into a force for good in the business world? The skilled people at YouTube have done just this. Before some videos on YouTube you’ll notice an advertisement start to play, these advertisements are payed for in a very peculiar manner.

Google, the company in ownership of YouTube, has a partnership system set up with some of the page owners. When a page owner wishes to make any money off of their page they make a settings change. Once that settings change has been made YouTube will assess if the channel is “clean” (all that is meant by “clean” is that no copy-rights violations or policy violations have occurred), if the channel appears to be clean then the process starts. Advertisement types are selected and in short your account’s videos then make you money.

So how do these new ads make you any money? Good question. YouTube has a wonderful system of advertisement, I’ll summarize two for examples: there is an option to occupy a space on the main page for a course on the day and the opportunity to be put on videos containing keywords for target marketing. With different options available for advertising they have made a wide spectrum for investors, or potential investors, to use and have created a very focused advertising machine.

So, lets review: YouTube has taken a chaotic atmosphere and turned it into a very fine point laser of a marketing machine. There is the capacity to make some money and the capacity to get your products out there. So, go advertising! Fly my pretty’s, fly!