Kent McElhattan

CEO of Discovery Robotics + Past Founder and CEO of Industrial Scientific

This event was at 2 PM on Friday, November 1  in  HAL 302.

Thank you to everyone who came out to listen to Kent McElhattan, the CEO of Discovery Robotics and past founder and CEO of Industrial Scientific, at 2:00 PM, Friday, November 1. Throughout his career, Kent has focused on creating businesses that save lives. He and his father founded Industrial Scientific, a gas detection business aimed at saving lives in industry, for this purpose specifically. Kent grew the business until it went public. He then bought it back and sold it to a PE firm. Later, Kent created an incubator in Oakland for robotics startups. Called Discovery Robotics, this venture is all about developing robots that will replace dangerous jobs. Kent is very active in the community as well and served as the chair of the National Safety Council.