Give yourself the boost you need to be a full-time student founder!

The E+I Founders program, presented by the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation at Grove City College, is a unique opportunity for current student founders to build their company without having to worry about a second job to support their studies and their business aspirations. Students who are accepted to participate in the program will be given the chance to grow their existing business and discover it’s full potential, while being paid for their work by the Center for E+I.

How it Works

Interested students apply to be an E+I Founder

E+I reviews the business model and student founder’s application

Founders accepted to the program are paid hourly by E+I*

*students may work a combined total of 20 hours across all campus jobs, including but not limited to the E+I Founders program.

Become an E+I Founder

So you have an existing business and want to be an E+I Founder? Great! Apply today for your shot!