About E+I

The Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation at Grove City College (E+I) serves as a unique experiential component of our students’ education that brings the concepts that they are learning in the classroom to life. Students of all majors participate in exciting competitions, programs, events, and international experiences that allow them to have valuable real-world experience while integrating what truly matters—values, judgment, and a Christian perspective. E+I presents entrepreneurship as a mindset and equips students with a set of practical skills and hands-on experience that prepares them to succeed, regardless of career path.

Programs contribute to local and regional economic development by bringing students and the community together to solve problems cooperatively through service learning projects, volunteerism, and targeted events. For those students who are interested in starting a business, E+I has programming geared toward supporting student ventures and has a shared mission with the Entrepreneurship Department to educate and inspire principled, high-impact entrepreneurs whose innovations improve people’s lives and solve important problems.

E+I has a physical space on campus, a place where students can come to collaborate, work on assignments, study and learn about and practice design thinking methods.

What We Provide

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