Students: Your future starts here!

The E+I Fellows program, presented by the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation at Grove City College (E+I), is a unique opportunity for current students to hone their skills, build their resume, and support amazing organizations vetted by E+I. Students who are accepted to participate in the program will work with these organizations to further their mission, while being employed by E+I and paid $15/hour for their work.

At the end of each fellowship placement, students can expect to have stronger résumé and real work experience.  They will gain an appreciation for the problems and issues faced by nonprofits, startups, and small businesses while helping to strengthen the regional economy. E+I Fellows will form connections that may lead to job opportunities after graduation.

How it Works

Available placements are posted here

Interested students submit applications

E+I and Host Organizations select Fellows

Fellows work directly with E+I and Host Organization while being paid by E+I

Fellows gain real work experience and start building a strong résumé

E+I Fellows is funded by a grant from The Richard King Mellon Foundation and an anonymous donor.

Student Responsibilities

Below are the expected commitments and responsibilities of an E+I Fellow. These will take place in-person or via Zoom.

Pre-Placement Survey

Before internship placement starts, the E+I Fellow will complete a survey to collect information on the goals and expectations of the student. This will be reviewed again at the end of placement to analyze progress throughout the program.


There will be an Orientation Meeting that includes the E+I Fellow, E+I staff, and the Host Organization to discuss the project plan, role expectations, and the definition of success for both parties.

Duties as Assigned by Host Organization

The E+I Fellow is responsible for completing tasks and projects outlined in the orientation and assigned by the Host Organization.

Check-In Meetings

Check-in meetings will occur with the E+I Fellow during Week 2 and Week 4 of the internship to keep the students on track and monitor progress toward pre-established goals.

Project Wrap-Up

The E+I Fellow be required to participate in a wrap-up meeting with E+I staff to provide feedback on the program structure, as well as the specifics of their experience. 

Project Summary Report

The E+I Fellow is required to write a final project summary report to summarize learnings, outcomes, and impact throughout their placement with the Host Organization.

Post-Placement Survey

The E+I Fellow will complete a survey at the end of the placement to collect and analyze the progress and impact of their experience from start to finish.

Become an E+I Fellow

So, you want to be an E+I Fellow? Fantastic! Available placements are always posted below. If you see one that matches your interests and aspirations, we encourage you to apply! Students may only hold one E+I Fellows position at a time.

Please note that freshmen are limited to working 10 hours per week, and sophomores, juniors, and seniors are limited to working 20 hours per week. This maximum number of hours per week is a COMBINED total of all on-campus jobs. Example: If you work 5 hours a week as a TA, you are only eligible to work 15 hours (5 hours if you are a freshman) as an E+I Fellow that week.

Applications close on Friday, March 15, 2024 at 5:00 PM.

Available Placements

We are no longer accepting applications for the Spring 2024 E+I Fellows program. Please check this page frequently, as we will post new opportunities as they become available!

Learn more about the E+I Fellows Program

What’s Next?

The next step in the process is to conduct interviews with the individuals who have expressed interest in open positions. Keep checking for new positions posted here!