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The Grove City College VentureLab, sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation at Grove City College, is an early-stage business and social enterprise idea feasibility lab that provides seed grants and guidance to carefully screened teams. The mission of the VentureLab is to help the Grove City College campus community explore and develop new ventures based on their own original concepts. It serves as a valuable starting point for innovation and enables aspiring innovators to gauge the feasibility of their ideas.

The VentureLab connects teams to resources within Grove City College as well as with the community at large. Teams are connected with industry-specific experts (both alumni and friends) who serve as mentors. Teams are also eligible to apply for seed grant funding support to prove the viability of innovative ideas or to assist in taking an idea to the next level after the idea has been vetted. The Grove City College VentureLab serves as a valuable starting point for innovation and enables aspiring entrepreneurs to gauge the feasibility of their ideas.

This program is open to students of all majors who are in the “idea” stage. You do not need to have made any progress on your idea to apply.

Professor English

Executive Director + Chief Mentor

Ms. Stillwaggon

Program Manager + Finance Admin


Jordan Hudock

Marketing Coordinator + Brand Coach

Professor Sweet 

Ideation + Sales Mentor

Professor Smith

Strategy + Financial Mentor

Professor English (Mr.)

Social Impact Mentor

Professor Lewis

Legal Mentor

Congratulations to the 2020 VentureLab Cohort!

BluOut — Jake Guidas, Ross Michaelian, Justin Corbin, Peyton Brogan

Concierge Coffee Roasters —Maverick Dickson, Luke Eldridge

Habitat Run — Lillian Jeynes, Sarah Smith, Carly Brest

Happy Day — Lindsey Cummings, Paige Crawley, Nathan Warrick

InCase — Augustus Minotto, Johnny Youland

Just Diagnosed — Elizabeth Finnegan, Elizabeth Higgins

Portable Game Board — Anna Valenti, Matthew Grauff

Safe Snack — Gretta Kriner, Shaylin Duren, Bailey Martin, Rachel Puls, Emily Merrick

Shammy Shield — Alexandria Bailey

Wingman — Fisher Koons, Ethan Raynaud

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Key Dates to Apply for the 2021 Cohort


DEADLINE TO APPLY: November 20, 2020