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2022 Global Faith Driven Investor + Entrepreneur Conferences

The Faith Driven Investor Conference

The Faith Driven Investor Conference plans to bring a collection of fast paced TED-style talks, interactive discussion groups on emerging topics, and a sort of ESPN Sportscenter style highlight of things happening in the movement for faith-driven investing. Their prayer is conference guests walk away realizing they are not alone, that a movement is growing. And now more than ever, Faith Driven Investors and Entrepreneurs are needed as all countries look to rebuild.

The Faith Driven Entrepreneur Conference

The Faith Driven Entrepreneur Conference is specifically designed to encourage entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators of culture. It will unite thought leaders across different organizations and deliver real-life stories of those on the front lines.  Its mission is to help those who are hard at work on the trail, who are often tired, exhausted, under-resourced, and confused. They need rest, support, guidance, and provisions, as they get ready to head back out on the trail to fight dragons.

The Details

Faith Driven Entrepreneur Conference

Date: Wednesday, Sep. 28, 2022  |   Location: Online!    |   Cost: Free for GCC Students + Faculty

Faith Driven Investor Conference

Date: Thursday, Sep. 29, 2022  |   Location: Online!    |   Cost: Free for GCC Students + Faculty


We aren’t owners, we are stewards of the resources that God has given us. This knowledge should radically change the how, where, and why behind our strategies.

— Faith Driven Conferences

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