Techstars Startup Weekend Pittsburgh December 2022

More info will be available soon, but save the date now for Startup Weekend Pittsburgh!


Startup Weekend has been postponed until the spring. A new date will be posted here once it becomes available.

AlphaLab/AlphaLab Gear in East Liberty

About Startup Weekend

Bring your idea, skills, and determination to see how far you can make it in 54 hours!

Startup Weekend brings together designers, programmers, hustlers, and anyone else interested in learning how to take an idea and quickly validate it and make progress throughout the weekend.

You’ll be guided by Pittsburgh’s entrepreneurship community to find early stage customers, measure your market, and if you move quickly — even generate revenue.

Learn shortcuts to determine pricing, find those early stage adopters or key connections that you normally couldn’t find, or contact.

The best part is the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation will pay for your registration, which includes:

  • 54 hours of hustle with like minded team mates
  • An opportunity to pitch any idea for up to 60 seconds
  • A great T-Shirt (always the high-quality soft cotton blend type, none of the heavy cotton ones)
  • 7 meals (see if you can do that for the price of the ticket)
  • Coffee, drinks & snacks all weekend
  • Coaching by the region’s who’s-who of startups
  • Ability to pitch the progress you’ve made to a panel of entrepreneurs & funders
  • FREE .co domain (given out Friday)
  • $300 Google Cloud credit
  • Fun, tons of fun!

Q: What is Startup Weekend?
A: Have you ever seen a new product, app, or business and thought to yourself, “that was my idea a few years ago”? If you have, that means you did not have a process for taking that idea from concept to creation. Startup Weekend is your chance to learn how to take any idea from concept to creation within a matter of days!

Q: Who is this event for?
A: Literally anyone! Aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Amateur and professional developers, designers, makers, and more. Anyone that wants to experience the roller coaster of an early stage idea coming together in a single weekend.

Q: Do I have to have an idea to join?
A: No! Just join up, lend your talents, and have a great time.

Q: Do you take any part of the equity in my idea or ownership?
A: No, Startup Weekend, the organizers and mentors take zero ownership or part of the idea you bring to the weekend.  We are only there to support you, provide guidance and help you move quickly.  Your idea is 100% yours and your team’s!

Q: You all have to be getting something out of this, what gives?
A: This is a global organization where local community members want to open the door & access to entrepreneurship.  We get a lot out of helping you through the weekend and learn from you too.

Q: What happens if I register and then I can’t attend?
A: Once you register, please mark the event on your calendar and make it a priority.  If you register and then you change your mind about attending, you will not be charged for your ticket if you can find someone else to take your place.  If an emergency arises and you have to withdraw, please contact Prof. English immediately.  


Startup weekend was an awesome learning experience!

Casey Compton '18


Startup Weekend has been one of the best experiences I have had in my life as a student. I don’t just mean as a college student, but also in my entire upbringing in school. I learned more about real-life business applications in one weekend than an entire semester of class time could prepare me for.

Adam Lowe '18