Venture U is a Spring seminar series that focuses on hot topics in business. The sessions include focus areas of interest such as legal, accounting, marketing and branding, etc. Venture U seminars are open to students of all majors.

VentureU Spring 2023 Seminars

Telling a Compelling Story with Video

February 8 @ 4PM in SHAL 310

by Jordan Hörst ’18

Marketing and Events Assistant, Baird

Co-Founder, Jus+Jord Creative

Being able to effectively tell your story can make or break your startup dreams. Video is an effective way to share that story.

Leveraging Paid, Earned, and Owned Media In a Marketing Strategy

March 7 @ 4PM in SHAL 310

by Jordan Atchison

Chief Marketing Officer, Corkboard Concepts

Learn best practices for managing all aspects of media, from those you own to those you earn, and even those you pay for.

Transferrable Skills: The Importance of Clear Writing and Detailed Editing

March 12 @ 4PM in SHAL 310

by Sarah Hatfield

Communications Specialist, Graduate and Online Programs, Grove City College

One typo in your presentation or business plan can be enough for a potential investor to write you off as sloppy. Learn the importance of avoiding these pitfalls so you can focus on what’s important!

Startup Projections

March 20 @ 11:45 AM in SHAL 202

by Brian Slawin

Regional Director & Portfolio Manager, Ben Franklin Technology Partners Central & Northern PA

Financial projections for startups are just as important as the idea itself. Learn to accurately create Pro Forma financial projections in this “Meet Ben” workshop!

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