Venture U is a Spring seminar series that focuses on hot topics in business. The sessions include focus areas of interest such as legal, accounting, marketing and branding, etc. Venture U seminars are open to students of all majors.

VentureU Spring 2023 Seminars

Conducting Primary Research for your Startup

February 1 @ 4PM; Virtual

by Nick Freiling ’13

Director, InsightHub

Founder, Market Research for Startups

Develop an understanding of the various ways you can effectively conduct research for your startup/idea.

Opening Doors with LinkedIn

February 16 @ 4PM; Virtual

by Maggie Blume ’18

Sales Evangelist, MailShake

LinkedIn can be your best friend when it comes to opening doors to potential clients, advocates, and evangelists.

SEO and Why It’s Important

March 23 @ 4PM                  SHAL 204

by Connor Grieb ’18

Founder, SEO Vineyard

Search Engine Optimization is vital to any company’s ability to be found by their customers. Learn some of the ins and outs of SEO from the top-ranking company when you search “Pittsburgh Search Engine Optimization.”

Startup Projections


by Professor Ken Smith ’84

Join Prof. Ken Smith as he demystifies financial projections for startups.

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