Venture U is a Spring seminar series that focuses on hot topics in business. The sessions include focus areas of interest such as legal, accounting, marketing and branding, etc. Venture U seminars are open to students of all majors.

Venture U Spring 2022 Seminars

Building with No-Code Solutions

February 9 @ 4PM

by Max Mirho

Host of EntrepreNerd

Learn how easily and quickly you can develop a prototype for your business using no-code solutions.

How to Secure Your First Customers—B2B and B2C

March 24 @ 4PM in SHAL 202

by Gray MacKenzie ’11

Co-Founder @ ZenPilot

& Lauren Beth Marts ’10

Founder @ Baked True North

Securing that first customer can be a real challenge. Learn how two successful entrepreneurs went about finding their first customers and closing the deal.

The Art of Pitch Decks

March 31 @ 4PM

by Jim Gibbs

Co-Founder and CEO @ Meter Feeder

Your pitch deck can make or break your company in its earliest stages. Learn how to craft a compelling pitch from a Y-Combinator alum whose client list includes the City of Pittsburgh.

Startup Projections


by Professor Ken Smith ’84

Join Prof. Ken Smith as he demystifies financial projections for startups.

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