The Grove City College VentureLaunch program, sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation, affords student run businesses the opportunity to grow and explore new opportunities with the support of coaches, mentors, and pre-approved expense reimbursements. VentureLaunch is the perfect program to help small, student-run businesses scale and reach their fullest potential.

Eligibilty to continue in the program will be assessed each semester based on performance, progress, and program capacity.

Training, Coaching, and Mentoring



    • Connects teams to resources within Grove City College such as classes and/or students to assist with research and project work and professors who may be able to provide advice that may assist in furthering the team’s goals

    • Helps to identify industry-specific mentors as necessary so that the team members can seek first-hand advice from experts with background and knowledge respective to their venture

    • Works with Grove City College Alumni & College Relations Office to reach out to GCC Alumni and Friends around the world to participate as mentors and advisors as needed

    • Arranges for access to regional professionals for support as needed. These professionals may include attorneys, accountants, sales and marketing professionals, HR professionals, etc.

    • Facilitates finding competitions, events, and programs outside of GCC that might be of interest to teams in order to further their ideas, obtain external feedback, and win funding.

    • Grants teams the unique opportunity to apply to hire E+I Fellows to accelerate their business growth.

    Pre-Approved Expense Reimbursement


    Students accepted into the VentureLaunch program have the full support of the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation, which includes the reimbursing of pre-approved expenses. Examples of reimbursable expenses include market research, registration at trade shows or industry conferences, contract labor, purchase of hardware or software specifically for use in the venture, marketing expenses, prototype components, etc.

    Intellectual Property (IP) Policy


    Grove City College wishes to encourage robust startup activity through the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation. As such, students who wish to start commercial ventures may work with Professor English to apply to the Provost for an Intellectual Property Policy waiver which releases them from the school’s current Intellectual Property Policy.

    Entrance Criteria


    • All applicants to the VentureLaunch will be required to submit an application (see below). Teams will be accepted on a rolling admission basis.

    • Student-led companies must have a legal entity formed (or be ready to form an entity) to be admitted to the program.

    • Although students, faculty, staff, recent graduates, and outside individuals may participate in the venture, it is preferred that the Team Lead of the venture be a Grove City College student.

    • There will be no requirement regarding team size, but multi-disciplinary teams are highly encouraged.

    • Selected teams will be notified of their acceptance to the program.

    Hiring E+I Fellows


    • Startups that are accepted to the VentureLaunch program are granted the unique opportunity to hire an E+I Fellow.

    • E+I Fellows are hired to do specific jobs and help accelerate the growth of the host startup. Fellows can be hired for marketing, sales, design, and/or fullfillment roles (other roles will be considered as well).

    • E+I Fellows are paid by the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation to work for the host startup. These fellows will benefit from learning a job within their chosen discipline in addition to being paid for their efforts.

    • Startups in the VentureLaunch program are required to apply to host an E+I Fellow. The startup will be required to complete the application separately for each unique position offered.

    Eligibility to Apply for the E+I Founders Program


    • Startup founders that are accepted to the VentureLaunch program are granted the unique opportunity to apply for the E+I Founders program.

    • The E+I Founders program provides a unique level of support that allows student founders to be paid for working on their startup.

    • The E+I Founders program is extremely selective and is only available to a very small group of founders each semester.

    • Students who are part of the VentureLaunch program and wish to apply to the E+I Founders program may do so below.

    Program Team

    Yvonne English

    Chief Mentor

    Executive Director

    Ms. Bashew

    Finance Admin

    Logan Hammerschmitt

    VentureLaunch Mentor

    Grove City College Professor Ken Smith

    Kyle English

    Social Impact Mentor

    Grove City College Professor Ken Smith

    Cedric Lewis

    Legal Mentor

    Want to become a VentureLaunch company?

    Acceptance to the VentureLaunch program will be considered on a rolling basis. To be considered for admission to the program, please fill out our application! The sooner you apply, the sooner you can get started!