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About the Elevator Pitch Competition (EPC)

Sponsored by local coffee shop Beans on Broad

The Grove City College Elevator Pitch Competition affords all students the opportunity to pitch their new venture ideas to a panel of judges, offering cash prizes in two categories – Commercial Enterprise and Social Enterprise.  The competition is open to students from all majors. For team ventures, all members must be present, and one student will deliver the pitch. If registering as a team, only one student from the team should complete the official “GCC Elevator Pitch Application Form,” but each teammate and his/her contact information should be listed. It is free to enter the competition.

The “elevator” pitch is a frequently used term, which literally means “tell me about your new venture within the time it would take to ride up an elevator.” The goal of the Elevator Pitch Competition is to teach students to communicate effectively and allow their charisma and positive characteristics to shine through in just a short pitch. The Elevator Pitch Competition demonstrates the networking and presentation skills essential to any entrepreneur or business professional. Please note that ideas may be at any stage of development from creation of concepts or ideas to an established venture.


Who Should Participate?

  • The Grove City College Elevator Pitch Competition is currently open only to Grove City College students.
  • GCC students interested in enhancing their presentation skills
  • GCC students who want to explore the idea of starting a new venture
  • GCC students planning to possibly prepare/vet your idea for VentureLab and/or the Wolverine Venture Battle


Why Participate?

  • This is your chance to showcase your talents and passion for changing the world through entrepreneurship + innovation.
  • It’s an opportunity to present your commercial or social idea in a positive atmosphere.
  • Why not receive recognition for the merits of the presentation of your idea with the possibility of cash awards?

What’s in store for The 2020 Elevator Pitch Competition?

Timeline 2020

September 10:  Registration Opens

September 17:   Registration Closes

October 1:   Video Submission Deadline

October 23:  Finalists Announced

November 6:  Final Round (Virtual: Live at 7 PM)


Prizes 2020

Commercial Enterprise:                    Social Enterprise:

1st Place–$500                                    1st Place–$500

2nd Place–$400                                 2nd Place–$400

3rd Place–$300                                   3rd Place–$300

4th Place–$200

5th Place–$100


Grove City Foundation Social Impact Prize:  $250*

                      *awarded to one social enterprise team



To register, students are required to complete the online form by clicking on the button below.  Once registered, students should starting working to create and record their elevator pitch as ALL REGISTRANTS WILL ADVANCE TO ROUND 2!

Information Required:

  • Name of your venture
  • Is it social or commercial?
  • Individual/Team Member(s) Information
  • Short idea description (1-2 sentences)


Register by Thursday, September 17 @ 11:59 PM


Video Submission

In a video recording that is no longer than two minutes, deliver your pitch to the Elevator Pitch Review Panel.  The EPC Review Panel will choose the TOP SCORING TEAMS to compete in ROUND 3 (FINALS) based on the judging rubrics (above).

Feedback will be provided to the finalists in order to guide them as to how they should proceed to strengthen their pitch in the final round.

Information to consider and include in your pitch:

• What is the problem? Tell a story! Paint a picture!
• What is your solution?
• What is your organization’s name, and who are you?
• Why you?
• What is it like/similar to?
• How is it different from the competition?
• How are you going to make money? (Social = become sustainable)
• How can you expand in the future?




Upload your final video submission to YouTube. We will ask you to provide the link to your video for our reviewers.   

Deadline to upload video: Thursday, October 1, 2020 @ 11:59 PM


LIVE Virtual Presentations

FINALISTS will pitch their Commercial or Social Enterprise idea to a panel of judges in a LIVE VIRTUAL presentation.  EVERYONE is invited to attend (registration required).




LIVE event:  Friday, November 6 @ 7PM

Congratulations to our 2019 EPC Winners!


1st – Audisense, Gabriella Yonkers ’20 (Communications + Visual Arts Major)
2nd – InCase, Alex Minotto ’23 (Political Science Major)
3rd – Gecko Sheets, Karsten Lagerquist ’22 (Finance Major)
4th – Easy Tie, Matthew Williams ’23 (Business Analysis Major)
5th – Muse, Laura Mosley ’22 (Communication Studies + Management Major)


1st – FlyMarlee, Peyton Brogan ’22 (Entrepreneurship Major)
2nd – ClayMotion, Meredith Basham ’23 (Marketing Major)
3rd – NGO Source, Nathan Warrick ’22 (Entrepreneurship Major)

Grove City Foundation Social Impact Prize:

Quick Tips, Olivia Whiteman ’23 (Entrepreneurship Major)


Missed it? Watch every one of our fantastic student pitches right here!

2020 Reviewers

Interested in being a part of the first VIRTUAL 2020 Elevator Pitch Competition?  We are looking for Reviewers to watch student pitch videos and help determine which students will advance to Round 3—Finals!  There is no need to come to campus.  The process is easy and entirely remote and can be done from the comfort of your own home or office.  This is your opportunity to get involved!  Won’t you join us? 

2020 Judges–MORE Photos + Bios COMING SOON!

Drew McCandless ’84
Retired, President and GM, The Sherwin-Williams Company

Owner, Beans on Broad


Dorene Powell
Counseling and Education Professional Board Member, The Grove City Foundation