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Episode 11: Moments from the 2024 Wolverine Venture Battle

Each year, the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation at Grove City College holds a venture competition in which students compete in a quest for the best new original startup ideas. In this episode, students from a variety of teams tell their story of creating and pitching ideas before a panel of successful entrepreneurs. And, Yvonne English and Logan Hammerschmitt of the Center for E+I weigh in on the day’s events as students vie for $30,000. 

Episode 10: At Home with Entrepreneurship 

Guests: Dave Starcher ’88 and Taylor Starcher ’19 

Dave Starcher ’88 and his daughter, Taylor Starcher ’19 share their stories about 3 generations of family business entrepreneurs, including Keystone Ridge Designs, a manufacturer of high end site furniture, and TStarch, an innovative photography business specializing in social media brand building and product photography with dogs.

Episode 9: Brotherhood and Business – CNZ Audio

Guests: Caleb Warrick ’24 and Zachary Warrick ’26

As teenagers, Caleb Warrick ’24 and his brother, Zachary ’26, along with their oldest brother, Nathan Warrick ’22, started CNZ Audio, an online musical instrument and equipment business. Caleb and Zach talk about their startup journey and their connection to the entrepreneurship program at Grove City College

Episode 8: Tackling Football Recruiting Through Entrepreneurship

Guests: Justin DeMild ’24 and Max Muncy ’24

Justin DeMild ’24 and Max Muncy ’24, both seniors at Grove City College, talk about their journeys from the football field to becoming an entrepreneurial team. Their business, Athletes After, aims to create self-service tools and best practice advice for high school football players navigating the world of college recruiting.

Episode 7: Exploring the Digital Frontier

Guest: Blake Imeson ’10

Blake Imeson ’10 talks about his journey from college entrepreneur to the founding of LimeCuda, a highly respected web development firm working with big brands.

Episode 6: Selling Entrepreneurship

Guest: Evan Addams ’10

Evan Addams ’10 talks about his journey with the startup, Nowait, and his perspectives on sales and entrepreneurship. 

Episode 5: Making Entrepreneurship Pop!

Guest: Amy Mucha ’09

Amy Mucha ’09 tells the story of her startup, Daisy Pops and her journey from math teacher to entrepreneur.


Episode 4: For the Love of Entrepreneurship

Guests: Alumni Lindsey Cummings ’22 and Ethan Raynaud ’22

Lindsey Cummings and Ethan Raynaud, both Grove City College entrepreneurship majors who graduated in 2022, share their stories of finding an entrepreneurial education and each other.


Episode 3: Venturing Near and Far

Guests: Alumni Libby Stewart ’22 and Amanda Mayer ’22

Libby Stewart ’22, a mechanical engineering major with an entrepreneurship minor, and Amanda Mayer ‘22, an entrepreneurship major, talk about their experiences with an original venture idea at Grove City College.


Episode 2: Making Sense Out of Entrepreneurship

Guests: Students Luke Gilligan ’24 and Ethan David ‘24

Luke Gilligan, ’24 and Ethan David, ’24 talk with Professor Tim Sweet about their experiences as students in the Grove City College Entrepreneurship program, as well as with the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation. They tell the story of their startup idea, Resense, which is a social enterprise designed to help Alzheimer’s patients keep their minds active and give them memorable moments with their families.

Episode 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship at Grove City College

Guests: Professors Yvonne English & Ken Smith

Tim Sweet, chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship department at Grove City College, talks to fellow professors Yvonne English and Ken Smith about the Entrepreneurship Program at the College and the many ways that students engage in academics and experiential learning.