Episode 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship at Grove City College

Guests: Professors Yvonne English & Ken Smith

Tim Sweet, chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship department at Grove City College, talks to fellow professors Yvonne English and Ken Smith about the Entrepreneurship Program at the College and the many ways that students engage in academics and experiential learning.  

Episode 2: Making Sense Out of Entrepreneurship

Guests: Students Luke Gilligan ’24 and Ethan David ‘24

Luke Gilligan, ’24 and Ethan David, ’24 talk with Professor Tim Sweet about their experiences as students in the Grove City College Entrepreneurship program, as well as with the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation. They tell the story of their startup idea, Resense, which is a social enterprise designed to help Alzheimer’s patients keep their minds active and give them memorable moments with their families.