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The E+I Space

The Center for E+I physical space is located within the Hall of Arts and Letters (HAL), room 202, on Grove City College’s upper campus. The Center is designed to be a highly collaborative space for students of all majors to utilize for a variety of purposes. The tables and chairs in the Center can be arranged in any formation to meet a variety of needs. In addition there are six double-sided whiteboards that can be utilized and moved to any part of the room.

In the room you will also find the office of Professor Yvonne J. English, the Executive Director of the Center for E+I.


Human-Centered Design

E+I is dedicated to educating and equipping students in the concept of Human-Centered Design:

The discipline of developing solutions in the service of people.

LUMA Institute

In classes such as Innovation for Impact, students get the opportunity to learn a variety of design thinking methods. These are REAL techniques many businesses and startups are using TODAY to ideate and solve problems.

The Center equips students to practice design thinking through supplying the materials and the space necessary to grow in this area. Want to learn about design thinking? Stop by the Center and check out the materials with have from the LUMA Institute – A Leader in Design Thinking Methods or visit Ideo U.

Are you ready for a challenge? Once you think that you have the design thinking know-how and are ready to flex that new muscle, try your hand at designing solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems at Open Ideo.

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