European Innovation Academy (EIA)

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Participate in European Innovation Academy Global

The world’s first online study abroad program providing a real-world, immersive experience in an international and multidisciplinary community. Join us and turn your entrepreneurial ideas into reality.

Hear and learn from speakers and mentors from companies like Google, Amazon, Uber Eats, Microsoft, Intel, Dell, and many more.

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New Startups

Speakers and Mentors

Not your average online program

EIA has never been an average study program. EIA is an intense learning opportunity with hundreds of students from the world’s top universities coming together in an international working environment.

You will be immersed in an intense and fun international working environment while creating your startup. Expect to manage different time-zones, while communicating with members from across the globe. Learn practical, insider knowledge from world-class mentors and speakers. Obviously, be ready to pitch your startup idea to EIA’s global investor community!

Work hard, play hard, right?


EIA offers:

  • International and Global Experience.
  • Hyper Personalized Learning.
  • Hands On Entrepreneurial Experience.

This Coming Year

EIA Global, July 2-23, 2021


Tuition: (Until 4/9): €1299  (~ $1600)

You will earn 3 ENTR Elective Credits (ENTR488: Seminar in Entrepreneurship).

Registration and payment deadline: April 9, 2021

Still not convinced?

Check out this slide deck with tons of detailed info about EIA. If this doesn’t get you pumped, we don’t know what will!

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