About the Program

The Entrepreneurship Program consists of two distinct parts. The Entrepreneurship Department (ENTR) covers the academic side of the program (ENTR majors + minors) while the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation (E+I) provides programs, events, and competitions for students of all majors on campus. We are dedicated to incorporating the concept of redemptive entrepreneurship into everything we do.

Our Mission

The Entrepreneurship Program at Grove City College educates and inspires principled, high-impact entrepreneurs whose innovations improve people’s lives and solve important problems.

Our Approach

The primary core of the Entrepreneurship Program’s approach to serving the campus and community can be described in three tenets—

Access for All Students

E+I has expanded in recent years to serve all Grove City College students regardless of major. E+I provides real-world entrepreneurial experiences that allow students to expand the possibilities that they see for their own futures. Even if students don’t plan to start a business, the skills learned through participation can prepare them to compete in the marketplace with confidence. As of January 2018, over 14% of the student body had engaged with the Entrepreneurship Program either by enrolling in entrepreneurship classes or by participating in programs, competitions, and events.

Cross-Disciplinary by Design

The Entrepreneurship Program strives to promote an entrepreneurial culture by supporting interdisciplinary collaboration, raising awareness among all Grove City students to the possibility of entrepreneurial activity within their chosen career path. In addition, cross-disciplinary activities teach students how to work with people with various skill sets and backgrounds in order to better prepare them for life after graduation.

A Spirit of Service

The Entrepreneurship Program emphasizes entrepreneurship as a means of serving the common good while striving to make the world a better place. A strong relationship exists between the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation, the Grove City College Entrepreneurship Department, and the surrounding region. This collaboration contributes to local and regional economic development by bringing students and the community together to solve problems cooperatively through service learning projects, volunteerism, and targeted events.