VentureLab Academic Credit

Once your team has been accepted to VentureLab, you have the opportunity to earn academic credit through ENTR 470 Independent Research. Please review this

 page in its entirety prior to completing the form below.


The following policies apply:

    • A maximum of six hours of independent study, independent research, or honors courses combined may count within the 128 hours required for graduation (course numbers 260, 270, 360, 370, 460, 470, 498 and 499). A maximum of six additional hours of independent study/research/honors courses may be taken beyond the 128 hours required for graduation, but these hours may not count toward any requirement for graduation.
    • No more than two independent study, research, or honors courses may be taken by a student during a single academic year.
    • Independent study, research, and honors courses may not substitute for required courses in the general education, major, minor or concentration areas.
    • Students must have sophomore, junior, or senior class standing.



If you are eligible according to the policies above and would like to request academic credit, you may earn one, two, or three credits. The requirements differ for each level, so be sure to review the draft syllabus to understand the different in credit requirements. Please be aware that this is only a sample syllabus and it is in draft form. Your particular syllabus will be adjusted when dates are finalized as well as to fit the needs of your team as we progress through the semester.



Simply complete the form below by THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2022. Requests made after this period will not be accepted. Please make sure that you receive an email confirmation for your request. If you do not receive it, please contact Professor English immediately via email.


VentureLab Academic Credit Request

  • Please look for your confirmation email after submission of this form. If you don't receive it, please email Professor English immediately. You will not be able to earn credits if this form is not received by the deadline.
  • Please Note: Freshmen are not permitted to take Independent Research classes.
  • See Sample Syllabus to see requirements for each level.