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    Students may receive academic credit for their research in the VentureLaunch program. Students may receive between 1 and 3 credits for their research. A $200 course fee is charged for this Independent Research experience. • Independent research experiences are available to full-time students during the fall and spring semesters only. • A maximum of six hours of independent study, independent research, or honors courses combined may count within the 128 hours required for graduation (course numbers 260, 270, 360, 370, 460, 470, 498 and 499). A maximum of six additional hours of independent study/research/honors courses may be taken beyond the 128 hours required for graduation, but these hours may not count toward any requirement for graduation. Independent study, research, and honor courses must be added or dropped during the normal semester registration period or during the College’s Drop/Add week at the beginning of each semester. • Students must have sophomore, junior, or senior class standing. (Freshman are not eligible for independent research.)
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    Please note that earning academic credit is completely optional. In addition, freshmen are ineligible to receive Independent Research credit.
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