The internet is almost 30 years old and has since become the world-wide source for information, entertainment, and convenience for almost everything in life. Access to this took a whole new face when smartphones became available. You can find mobile applications that help you finance your bank account, organize your daily schedule, contact other people, capture photos and video, take notes, learn new skills, watch movies and play games, and much more. As someone born in 1996, I have been able to spend much time learning how to maneuver around the internet, my smartphone, and the applications inside. This is now a skill that many businesses desire/require as our society becomes more and more technology-reliant and social media dependent.

Among several services, I use Amazon on a regular basis. Providing easy and secure ways to purchase almost anything, I am able to simply tap on my phone screen four times to have an item shipped to me within two days. With all of this comfortability and convenience, it is sometimes difficult to imagine what the next step would be for Amazon. But once again, they rose above and found yet a more convenient way to purchase products – namely those in a supermarket.

Amazon Go is a supermarket built in Seattle, Washington, that provides ultimate convenience for its customers. Having just recently been opened on January 22nd, 2018, clients are able to scan their phone to enter the grocery store and simply pick up whichever items they would like to purchase. There is no necessary need for baskets or bags as you can easily place the item inside your purse or backpack. The store uses sensors and cameras to discern which items you pick up and keep (as there may be some that you place back on the shelf). After you are finished shopping, you walk out and the items are charged to your account. So far, the application has been incredibly accurate in determining your receipt and uses the honor system if there are any errors with your order.

This is the only current physical location in motion, however Amazon plans on expanding the franchise around the country. There are several flaws, including limited capacity of customers at a time and the issue of refunding items without having to bring them back to the store. However, as more research is done, I am sure Amazon will find solutions and rise above its competitors in the name of convenience and safety. I am looking forward to watch the progression of Amazon Go, how it may succeed, and how Amazon may integrate other products (such as Alexa) into the initiative.