Hello! My name is Ryan Budnik and I am a junior Business Management major at Grove City College. Today I am going to use my first ever blog post to talk about three traits that I believe are essential for the budding entrepreneur to possess. Being an entrepreneur means that you are always exploring uncharted territory. You are trying to understand what consumers want, and how to effectively deliver it to them.

  1. Persistent:This requires a person who is persistent. Entrepreneurs do not always have direct connection to those they are trying to reach, which means that they have to predict what consumers want. The prediction process often involves a lot of trial and error, which needs persistence in order to succeed.

  2. Free-thinking: As I mentioned earlier, entrepreneurs are “exploring uncharted territory” meaning that they are creating new ideas. So, in order to create a new idea, an entrepreneur must be a free thinker. Being a free thinker means to open your mind and allow new ideas to flow in. An individual that can think ‘outside the box,’ as we like to say, is already on the right path to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

  3. Confident: An entrepreneur’s biggest competitor can sometimes be themselves. When trying to sell your own idea to someone else, you have to make them believe in your success just as much as you do. Something that can greatly hinder this process is lack of confidence. If an entrepreneur isn’t confident that their own business will be a success, then how is anyone external to the business going to be sold on the idea? If an entrepreneur can approach every situation with confidence, false or not, he or she will find success. Confidence gives off a feeling of legitimacy to others, which will encourage investors to take interest in a company.

Well, that’s what it takes to be an entrepreneur! Now, this is not an exhaustive listt as there are many other traits that would be useful for an entrepreneur to possess.

However, I hope this gave you a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship, and helped answer the question, “are you an entrepreneur?”