After brainstorming, writing, and editing their pitches, Grove City College’s students were put to the test in this year’s Elevator Pitch Competition. Almost 200 students from 28 majors presented their business ideas this year. Professor Sweet’s Entrepreneurial Mind class students are required to participate in the contest every semester, but many other students join in for the chance to develop their pitching skills, dabble in the fun of the event, and strive to win the cash reward as a finalist. The finals for this competition took place November 28th in HAL 110 from 6:00-8:00 pm. The room was filled with fanatic fans, proud professors, justified judges, and confident competitors. The background of the event is simple: Imagine that you find yourself in an elevator with a potential investor/donor. By the time the elevator reaches the top floor, can you persuade that person to take a meeting with you to discuss the idea further?

The competition is divided by two different categories: Commercial and Social Enterprises. Commercial Enterprises are comprised of an idea that is made purely for revenue. Social Enterprises involve ideas that try to create positive social change to a community. This year, the Elevator Pitch Competition had three rounds. In the final round, there were 13 Commercial Enterprise competitors and 9 Social Enterprise competitors. After two hours of pitching, followed by an hour of judge deliberation, this year’s top business ideas were awarded:

Commercial Enterprise Winners:
First Place ($500): The Shammy Shield (Alex Bailey ’20, Entrepreneurship)
Second Place ($400): TeleTalk (Adam Densmore ’21, Accounting & Finance)
Third Place ($300): PeeWee Packs (Hannah Vaccaro ’18, Entrepreneurship)
Fourth Place ($200): Dance Tracks (Heather Hondel ’21, Entrepreneurship)

Social Enterprise Winners:
First Place ($500): Mathletics (Cody Gustafson ’21, Undeclared)
Second Place ($400): Missing Link (Zack LaValla ’21, Entrepreneurship)
Third Place ($300): Trade for Trade (Abby Messinger ’18, Communications and Visual Arts)
Fourth Place ($200): Scoops + Smiles (Michaela Cashmer ’18, International Business)

The judges, Grove City College alumni, spent more time deciding on winners this year due to overabundance of well crafted ideas and captivating presentations.

It is highly encouraged for all students, of any major, to compete in next year’s Elevator Pitch Competition! It is a great way to sharpen public speaking skills, win some cash, and get to know Grove City College Alumni.