Having trouble customizing every different part of your phone? Also having issues getting different apps to work together?

Tasker is an app made for anyone with a Smart Phone that connects to the Play store. However, it can be especially helpful to entrepreneurs, and those who do a lot through their smart phones. It is an app, that controls almost every aspect of your phone, including airplane mode, wireless internet or 3G, music, silent and loud, and many other things. It has the capabilities to customize the home screen as well. Tasker can automate way more than an original phone can automate, and it is a great tool if entrepreneurs are spending a lot of time in meetings and making important plans.

A couple of great features on the app are how they handle the silent features. The app is able to put it in meeting mode, which turns off all of the phones volumes and vibrates when the phone is put face down. The app is also able to put the automatic reply to calls and messages, so if a call is received, the phone, through Tasker, ignores the call, and responds with the message of the user’s previously set message. Tasker also can set tasks for the user, so when you want to listen to music, it corresponds with the Google Voice technology in the phone, and will respond to the command, by how the user chooses to program it. For instance, if you want to play music, all you would have to do is say “Hit it” into your phone, or type it into the commands, and it will automatically start to play the music, or you can make a setting that allows your phone to automatically play music when you are on the go.

There are many great features dealing with location. For instance, if you usually turn on Bluetooth when you get into your car, you can program Tasker to turn on Bluetooth automatically, everytime you enter your car. Also, if you want your phone to open different apps when you are at a current location, or open maps when you get outside of a certain area, Tasker is able to do that.

As an entrepreneur, we want things to be able to be easy for us. We don’t want to have our email in a different place than our texts and other things, and Tasker is able to bring everything together, and do a whole lot more. It takes care of the small tasks through the phone like Bluetooth, and making sure our phone is silent, so we can worry about the big tasks like how to fund our businesses, and where to set up all of our financial accounts. Tasker truly is a lifesaver, and although I haven’t downloaded it yet for a cheap $2.99, I am for sure going to do so as soon as I get the chance. From customization to voice control, Tasker truly does almost everything. To check it out on the play store, visit

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.dinglisch.android.taskerm .

I highly recommend downloading, as the reviews are almost all positive feedback!