Being able to remember, store, and manage information is critical to any entrepreneur’s success. Thankfully, the human brain is more than capable of doing so on its own. If extended research or large amounts of specific information is needed, computer documents, notebooks, and papers are resorted to. However, when it comes to remembering small chunks of specific information or details, we resort to our smartphone’s note-taking and reminder apps. While many of these apps for our phones get the job done, one stands out as the best.

A notes app, made better.

Essentially, Google Keep is a syncing notepad that connects to one’s google account. This means that while your phone might be the device you use to enter your notes, the notes you take are stored online and can be accessed from almost any phone, tablet, or laptop. The resourceful entrepreneur might say, “Ah, just like Evernote!” However, Google keep has advantages over Evernote.

Google Keep is simple and efficient. The interface is easy to navigate. Open the app and begin taking notes. Compared to Evernote’s interface, Google Keep is much easier to use. Additionally, Google Keep is faster as a note taking experience. It runs flawlessly. Searches yield fast and consistent results and a fluid experience. It’s easy to snap a photo, add jot down some quick notes underneath it, and have it saved in a few seconds.

Aside from being a powerful note taking tool, Keep provides many different ways to sort and organize content. There are options to create and add labels and colors to notes for organization purposes. This way, it is easy to keep notes related to work separate from shopping and to-do lists.


A powerful tool.

Google Keep also provides advanced, useful feature. One of these features lets you take a photo of text in real life, which smart software then turns into digital text. Keep can “read” text from an image and turn it into editable text on your iPhone, Android, or computer. This is a great feature to have when you need to remember something shared via PowerPoint or a paper one can briefly look at, but, won’t have access to later.

Google Keep is a powerful tool for the entrepreneur or anyone wanting to stay on top of their tasks. It is essential to have a fast and reliable way to save important details and make note of those things that would otherwise escape us.